Chicago Marathon Training Week 6

Monday, August 11, 2014

Chicago is 8 weeks away and time is not slowing down! This week we're on vacation which means training out of town. I decided not to take time off training (because the miles start to climb and peak) so I challenged myself to running out of town. 
New Views at Shelby Farms in Memphis, TN.

Tomorrow I will give you 5 Tips on How to Run on Vacation safely and accurately, so please come back and read! I don't know about you but because Chicago is 61 days away I decided to make an effort and train during vacation. 
I parked at the bottom of a hill in Memphis. Hello muscles!
I love taking time off to visit different places. I had the privilege to run in a higher elevation than usual with more hills than usual. I can say that hills were all I ran last week, which was great training for me. I learned not to fear hills but to focus on strengthening my mental game. Dreading hills is not the way to go when I know they'll be in most marathons I run. As always, I did a good job staying hydrated. I drank plenty water last week and it helped me a lot specially because I ran in the afternoon most days. 
My view at the end of my 15-miler in New Albany, MS
Farmer's Market filled with great arts and crafts. 
My long run was 15 miles. It was hot and humid but nothing like I've been experiencing in Texas. I think it's because I was super excited about running with a new running group. The running community is awesome, I felt really at home running in Mississippi. I met some awesome runners who are way more experienced than myself. It was fun to share my goals and such a blessing to have help to reach it. I have been going to New Albany for 10 years but I think that running a town is the best way to see it. I was also able to run through a portion of the new Tanglefoot Trail. A town with plenty of places to exercise is a huge blessing. Knowing that I can train in New Albany will make my future visits even more joyful. 

I thank God for one more week of running as well as everyone who ran with me and helped me with the kids while I ran. Houston Marathon is 159 days away and I am looking forward to keeping my running base high in order to cross that finish line again. As always I appreciate your prayers and encouragement. There's nothing easy about marathon training but oh the feeling of accomplishing my training! I hope you return tomorrow and read about my 5 tips for Running on Vacation .
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Lauren said...

Best of luck with your training while on vacation! I know that can be tough but I have no doubts you will do great!

Cintia Listenbee said...

thanks Lauren! And God bless you as you continue to rock all your workouts!