Sunday Seven

Sunday, October 26, 2014

1. Intense Workouts: I miss thee.  Today I complete my official marathon recovery. I am now ready to get back to marathon training. I miss my workout routine. It's intense and sometimes impossible to wrap my head around all the workouts but I love it and I miss it dearly. I promise not to complain about winter because fall marathon training was intense. 
2. Weight Loss. This week I started my food journal again. It hasn't been easy but I need to get back in the habit. Journaling my food always works for me. I just need to stay faithful.
3. Meditation. Biblical Meditation has been a life saver this week and every week. Meditating in the Word of God has helped me through some rough spots. I've had plenty rough spots this year (as most normal people) and the Bible has been my foundation, anchor and comfort.
4. Fall stuff. The kids and I had a lot of fun going on a hay ride and doing some Fall Fun activities. They still haven't been to a regular Pumpkin patch so I need to hurry up and make that happen. We did manage to get our Family Fall photos done. We often turn the camera on automatic and smile really hard. It's worked for the past 8 years.
5. Baking. I baked! White, gluten full bread. Some of the kids liked it. I used a Martha Stewart recipe (I trust her brand) and it worked like a charm. I still have bread flour for one more loaf, so I'll be baking again when I feel braver.
6. Holidays. My dear friends reminded me the holidays are coming. I didn't have plans but now I do. I am looking forward to all our family's traditions, cooking with the kids and making a big deal about how wonderful God has been to us. It seems that til now my focus was getting to the marathon and finishing it well. Thank God we're done with 2 marathons for 2014 so now we can celebrate the holidays (while training for the Houston Marathon).
7. Pastor Appreciation. This important date has kinda been buried under all the excitement of this month. Today we appreciated Zeke at our house today and we will continue to do so. I wrote a piece about how to celebrate pastor appreciation  and I also have a post on 3 things you may not know about people in ministry. I hope these posts help you appreciate the clergy in your life.

This week I learned that it is so important to continue to be open about living out my faith. Not so others can see it but so that I can learn who God is in this exact season of life. Without being open about my faith struggles it is nearly impossible to get help to learn the lesson and move on. I pray that you have an amazing week my friend! Thanks for reading!