TV Show Challenge Update 4

Friday, October 24, 2014

6 out of 16 hours of the challenge completed! A delayed flight has a lot to do with this but whatever it takes right? Because I’m big in countdowns, let’s list some more numbers: 
• 35 Days until Thanksgiving;
• 62 Days until Christmas;
 • 69 Days until 2015!

When I look at my goals for the year, I often think, “what was I thinking?” This challenge has encouraged me to work on some of them anyway. I believe that I have plenty time and press on towards my goals. I believe you can’t manage what you won’t measure, so these 16 hours represent action. Measuring your efforts guarantee progress towards success. 

Let’s talk TV! We have Netflix and I just got into Gilmore Girls. I usually watch it when I’m doing my hair or folding clothes. The 16 hours represent two shows that I actually would make time to watch this Fall but I am super late watching both of them. We often sit in front of the TV on Thursdays and although I live tweet about a particular show I am not faithful to it at all. The 16 hours represent shows that I watch without tweeting because I really need to pay attention to. 

Regardless of your TV viewing habits, we all need to pay attention to the goals we set for the year. Even if we can’t reach them all, we can make significant advance towards reaching them. This TV Show Challenge is proof that time will pass anyway, so we might as well make the effort to reach those dreams and goals in our heart. Have a great weekend my friend! 

TV Show Challenge Rules: 
1. Count the hours you will spend in front of the TV watching your favorite Fall TV Show;
2. Apply those hours on your goals for 2014.
3. Come back and let me know how your TV Show Challenge is going!

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