Houston Marathon Training Week 2

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week 2 of training was quite challenging but it brought a joyful surprise at the end. I was trying to deal with my post-marathon mental struggles as well as adapt to the new cross training routine. I had agreed to join my friends for a 5K on Sunday, so here we are at the beginning of the race.
Smiley faces before the race
I realize I've been running one 5K per year, so The Optimist Club of Sugar Land was a treat. In my mind I wanted to PR mostly because my dear friends sponsored me. When the race started I went for it in a pretty aggressive pace (for me). Here's a photo of me at mile 2-ish. Most of the race was on a trail, which is lovely as far as a break from the asphalt. I've never ran that trail before but I will be back. 
my traditional thumbs up. looking happy is a must!
I finished the 5K at 30:15, got my stuff and went home to get ready for church. When I was about to turn in the church's parking lot my friend sent me this photo:
I won!
I could not believe it! I won first place at my age group (30-39). This is the first time I win first place at my age group and this is my first running trophy. Last year I ran a 5K at my church and won second place. My dear friend came to the house to bring my trophy. 
Thankful for friends.
I'm thankful for my friends and family who make it possible for me to run. Running in itself is a great reward. 
This winning really encouraged me. It helped me measure how fast I am running in a 5K and it help me to dream about improving. In the grand scheme of things, I used the 5K as a type of speed session. The following day I ran my most successful tempo run of the season (thank God!) and I am looking forward to jumping in the big miles with my dear running group this weekend. 
When you pray for me, please pray that I will remain focused on my goal. The Houston Marathon is in 74 days and I believe that it will be a good race. Much of what happens during those 26.2 is decided during training. I am determined to press on towards my goal.  

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