Sunday Seven

Sunday, November 16, 2014

1. Bouncing Back - last week was "bounce back from strep throat" for us. Thank God for health! We always appreciate it, specially now. God helped us to do what we could and I think that this week we'll actually be able to do all the stuff that piled up from last week as far as chores. 
2. Hello Winter - We experience quite the cold temps last week. This is Texas and it will warm up again but the 40s were a great reminder of the season. The kids really enjoyed the extra warm clothes, it was sweet.
3. Goals - I have started working on my goals for 2015. I am still persisting with the goals I set for this year and yet, it feels like now it's the time to dream and write down who I want to be in 2015.
4. Singing - It seems like I had a "break" from singing since the Chicago Marathon but last week I was back on, all the time. I filled in for two worship leaders last week, plus it was my time to lead worship at church on Wednesdays. I really enjoy serving the Lord Jesus any way He needs me.
5. Running - I'll talk more about marathon training in detail tomorrow, but this week running was awesome. I didn't have perfect splits to showcase but I was able to get back to training as normal. I'm thankful for that.
6. Water - Drinking enough water has become serious business around here. The winter has its challenges so I remembered that my winter 'trick' is to drink warm water with lemon. It tastes like tea but it's water. Anything to get hydrated, right?
7. Lessons - I'm already reviewing my year. Thanks to this blog, I acquired the habit of reviewing my year. I read what I learned in 2013 and realized that those lessons made life easier in 2014. I made baby steps in some areas and big advances in others. I'm thankful that God is always teaching me stuff.
Hope you are having a great Sunday friend!