Houston Marathon Training Week 4

Monday, November 17, 2014

I am so thankful to God that I am not only fully recovered from Chicago but also healthy and rested! I have experienced a lot of “common” things that happen to runners who are more seasoned than I am these past 4 weeks. God’s grace has been enough to help me manage this recovering period.
Strength Training Class
Strength Training – I’ve always heard that strength training is important for runners so I decided to include it as my cross training. Last week I went to two strength training classes which were challenging but fun. I do feel like my muscles are getting stronger already. I tried not to overdo anything while paying attention on posture and making sure I do the reps that matter the most. I pray that God will help me stay faithful to these classes.
Mental Training = Believing God
Mental Training – the mind is where battles are won and lost. I find that training my mind for my third marathon has been challenging but not impossible. I am seeking new inspiration for my mental training. More than practicing visualization and having a mantra, I find that my greatest challenge was answering the question “Can I run this marathon?” With God’s help I can and I will.

Running in the Cold –I forgot how fierce the cold wind can be. I find that running in every season is good. The winter has its challenges but it also has its joys. I thought about all my runs in the humidity and all of a sudden “the cold never bothered me anyway.” It seems that as soon as my hands and ears are covered I can take on cold weather running.

Oh, I had my longest run since the marathon as well (15 miles). We’re gonna keep this as a base then we’ll build to 17-milers til we reach the 21-miler. I am looking forward to knocking those miles down with my beloved running group.

The Houston Marathon is in 9 weeks and I am very much ready to conquer this challenge. I count on your prayers and encouragement as always!