Sunday Seven

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Here’s what’s happening in my neck of the woods.
1 • Running with low traffic – apparently the less I cross streets, the better my splits (how fast I run 1 mile) are. The traffic was low during the holidays and I had a chance to run uninterrupted, which was quite the confidence booster. I’m a “mile hungry” person who counts every step out of the house, so I don’t usually measure my splits correctly. This week I did.
2 • Stress-free Thanksgiving – Thanksgiving was amazingly stress-free. My husband and I agreed on the stress-free approach this year and it’s made everything more enjoyable. I cooked a little and we got together with a wonderful couple that God graciously placed in our lives. The holiday was so good we’re going to face Christmas with the stress-free mindset again.
3 • Zeke’s Amazing – my husband is amazing at everything he does. Yesterday we celebrated his birthday and it was awesome. We actually started celebrating earlier and it was a lot of fun. I pray that God will bless Zeke for the unseen things he does for others.
4 • Sugar is not good for me – I began “sugar loading” before the holiday which was a big mistake. I always pay for eating too many sugary treats. This is not the first reminder I get that processed sugar is not good for me. I have to remember that I need to pull better options out of my invisible hat J
5 • Bitter or Better on social media – This week I was presented with the options of either being bitter or better on social media. It seems that when I can process my feelings in a healthy way (off line), my online presence is more positive. I’m not for pretending like everything is okay all the time because that’s just not reality. I am for teaching the life lesson instead of dwelling in the hurt forever.
6 • Seeing anew – Each Christmas season we get to see things from our kids’ perspective and it is just lovely. They eagerly away for Christmas and their excitement is contagious. We’re teaching them about Jesus’ birth and I pray they will find in their hearts room for our Savior’s timeless message of hope.  

7 • Black Friday – we haven’t been part of Black Friday since I was in college. I did go to the grocery store which was a lovely experience cause there was no one there.
And we officially have 31 days left for this YEAR! Make it awesome will ya? Thanks for reading! 
Oh, come back this week for a fun Marathon Training update with a FUN race announcement for 2014. I know. I'm racing again and it's gonna be super fun!