Happy Birthday Zeke!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy Birthday my love.
This is my 11th birthday with you. I can honestly say that celebrating you is one of the highlights of my year. First, you’re a joy so it’s easy to celebrate you. Then, you bring me so much joy, it’s an honor to make this day about our thankfulness for you.
Zeke, I waited for someone to fill my heart with love just to be inundated by you.
11 years ago I decided to celebrate the best friend I’ll ever have in life and the celebration continues.
This day means a lot because God made you with me in mind. Even before I existed, God had already blessed me with the gift of your life.
Far way in the States, you were born and our destinies collided. As our love continues to grow, I pray that I can continue to be God’s instrument so that you can be all God has called you to be.
Zeke, you are my love and the greatest gift God has given me. With long, abundant life, God will satisfy you and show you His salvation.

I love you more than words can say, so I’ll show you every day of my life.