What's your God Lesson for 2014?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

If you could describe 2014 in one word, what would that word be? If you are a glass half-full kind of person you’d use adjectives such as perfect, great or even super.
In case you do not want to describe 2014 right now, you will soon see social media platforms offering to put together highlights for you. They cannot and will not be true to your 2014 as you lived it. Platforms do not show your lowlights. They do not show those moments that challenged you and caused you to grow in character.

Today I want to talk to you abut those challenging moments. Forget for a moment the way the kosmos (it means world. Just felt like using a big word) would describe your year and think from God’s perspective.

You have lived 11 months and God has definitely taught you some great things this year. What is the word or theme that kept popping up these past 11 months?
For me, it was “Serving.” Throughout the entire year of 2014 God taught me some great things but the one thing that really helped me grow is knowing and living the true meaning of serving. I got quite the intensive course on serving others during the summer. I can also identify this theme during other times of the year.

One way I know that “Serving” was my word of the year, it was because this issue came out of moments of friction. For example, I was having issues serving from my heart in my every day life. Performing simple tasks felt like pulling a molar and I realized that living in frustration was not God’s plan for me. Although my wish of having half of Dowton Abbey’s workforce to perform my domestic duties did not come to pass, I realized that a heart change was in order. As I read the Bible I saw the way God sees serving. I saw many great examples of servants, but my primary example has been of Jesus. He said that He came to serve (Matthew 20:28) and not to be served. The more I read the Bible, the more my heart adjusted to the lesson God was trying to teach me.

To be very honest with you, I feel like I took 2 baby steps towards being a better servant. I’m glad I serve a God who loves me and who is willing to teach me how to live a better life.

Back to you and your year. What was the God lesson that kept popping up in 2014? I believe that God is in the business of transforming us, thus, God lessons are needed. God has no problem with us having fun and accomplishing stuff but I do believe that He cares more about the state of our heart.

My challenge for you today is to look back 11 months and identify the primary God lesson for your year. I have way more to learn about my lesson and I am looking forward to growing as I apply what God taught me through those moments of friction.