My Weight Loss: How to set Health Goals

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It's been a month and here is where I am:
Current BMI: 27.8 | Goal BMI: 23.6
This photo does not show the two times I had to be on antibiotics because of two different infections. It doesn't show all the times I pressed on and worked out and ate well. It also does not show you the times I indulged or plain messed up. One thing is for sure: pressing on towards a goal works.

Goals don't discriminate who have them. One thing is for sure about a goal: if you aim for nothing, you'll hit it every time. Today I am determined to reach my goal of having a normal BMI
If you are a long-time reader, you know I believe I am not what I weigh. I believe God created me to be more than the number on the scale. I also know that my overall health benefits from living with a normal BMI and avoiding many preventable diseases. 

Here are the steps I take when setting health goals: 

1. I Write down my Goal - I'm specific. How much weight do I want to lose? My goal BMI is 23.6. The ideal is to be very specific with my Goal.
2. I Choose a Date - I can't be intimidated to give myself a deadline. A target date actually is even more motivation to reach my goal. 
3. I List my Obstacles - I identify the things that will most likely impede me from reaching my goal. The obstacles I often face are stress, mindless eating and not writing down everything I eat in my food journal. Once my obstacles are identified, I can be empowered to overcome them because I recognize them. I can also look for tools to help me overcome them. 
4. I List Groups or Organizations you need to work with - in the past I was part of weight loss groups and they really helped me reach my goals. Currently, I need to work with my Running Group to help me reach my goal. I also need to attend bi-weekly classes at my local gym in order to reach my goal. 
5. I List your Plan of Action - how will I reach your goal? My plan is to drink 64 oz of water daily, eat nutritionally dense foods and exercise 5 days a week. Training for the Houston Marathon is also part of my plan of action. As I'm specific about my plan I can put it to work. 
6. I Set a time limit - this is not a forever project. Setting a time limit guarantees that I will reach my goal and enjoy the benefits I gained. 
7. I identify the Benefits - this is where I answer the question: "what's in it for me?" Here's what I wrote "I will have a lowered risk of health complications. The quality of my life will increase because I will be a more active wife and mother. I will be mentally and physically stronger. I will be able to log greater running distances with increased speed without putting too much stress in my joints. I will fit in smaller clothes. I will feel better overall. I will be even more mentally and physically present for my family. I will look healthier. I will buy new workout gear. I will gain rewards on the way to my goal. I will have new opportunities to encourage others. My kids will learn to stay healthy by example. When I defeat this Goliath, my children will also benefit from my victory."

Last month I learned that life happens and I am not a robot when it comes to weight loss. I have learned that facing and overcoming obstacles are part of life. The important thing is to have a Goal and pursue it till I reach it. 
Thanks for coming in this journey with me! I will give you another update next month. Till then, I challenge you to write down your goals and pursue them to completion.