Houston Marathon Training Week 10

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

18 days to go people! Glory be to God, I made it through the building up season of the marathon but more on that later. First, let's talk Christmas.
I was blessed to have my husband to hang out on Christmas Eve so I could get an epic, scenic run. That means I stopped to take photos and video. 
Zeke is recaping the 12K of Christmas soon!
I went to Starbucks, grabbed an Americano with Soy and went on to do my last minute shopping. I can't just shake this habit. I was very polite and everyone I encountered was polite as well. The places I went were not as crowded. 
Caffeinate me
I figured out I was really hungry and tired so I stopped at home for lunch then I went on to finish shopping. I was pooped by this time so I had to grab some water and have lots of positive thoughts going as you can see in my face. 
This week I ran 3 times, no time (or energy) for cross training. The long run was the long awaited 21-miler. The last time I ran 21 miles I was very nervous. This time (my third time around) I wasn't as nervous. I'll be honest and I prayed for no rain in the forecast but I forgot to pray about cooler weather. It was 70 degrees out there yall. I also prayed that I could be an encourager to someone as well as be encouraged when I needed the most. I can't remember what my time was last year but I was very pleased with my time for the 21-miler. I'm not super time conscious (I know!), I'm going by feeling. When you run any mileage at a 70-degree weather you need to be wise and try not to break any speed records. I'm also a long term thinker. I want to be doing this for a long time so I need to conserve my body. The run was super pleasant and I was so glad to see so many familiar faces out running. It kinda felt like I was racing because of the swag I got at the end of the race. 
Next week we start two weeks of tapper and another special thing is that next week is my Birthday. I'm thankful to God for the opportunity to train for my third marathon.
I pray that you and your family had an amazing Christmas and I pray for an even greater new year. I pray that you accomplish a lot of great things in 2015. If running a marathon is one of your goals, take me for an example and go for it. You can totally do it!

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