Sunday Seven

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hey! For the last Sunday Seven of the year, I want to share 7 new things I experienced in 2014.

1 • Finsihed a Marathon – I ran my first marathon in January and repeated that in October. It was a 9-year-old dream that came into fruition. I thank God for this amazing experience!
2 • Drove to MS & TN with 3 small Kids by Myself – it wasn’t easy but with God’s help we got the vacation we were longing for. It was a great to reconnect with everyone.
3 • Volunteered in 2 VBS and Worked at a Kids’ Camp – as you can see my summer was booked. I volunteered because it’s a joy to serve the Lord Jesus any chance I can. I was invited to work at a church’s Kids Camp and that was also a great growing experience. I met some awesome people, I served, had fun and so did the kids. You can't beat going to the pool once a week, skating and bowling! I also made good friends. 
4 • Joined the Leadership of a Women’s Bible Study – I was planning on chilling and enjoying the Bible Study like everyone else but the Lord had other plans. It’s a joy to serve God and His daughters. I am learning a lot and I’m meeting some amazing women. I’m looking forward to spending more time in God’s Word and in relationship with those amazing women of God.
5 • Became a Kindergarten Parent – God has been great to us. The kids are growing and Kindergarten came. Our heart is to face it without fear. We’ve all had a great experience but I think I’m the one who’s been stretched the most. I’ve prayed more than before and I will continue to pray and believe that God is with my children, everywhere they go.
6 • Won first Place in my age Group in a 5K – I haven’t been a podium runner but this year I had the honor of winning my age group. I didn’t know I won until I was long gone at church that morning. My friend called me with the good news and she brought my trophy over later. It was an honor to run so well that I won!
7 • Accepted the "No" – I wanted to develop deep friendships with a few people who told me they did not want to do the same. We never had an open conversation about it but here’s how I could tell: unanswered text messages, emails, invites. They did not make time for me. They were always too busy for me but they had time for other people. It took me a while but I Accepted the "No." In 2014 I learned to treasure the people who gave me a "Yes." They chose to stay in relationship with me, no matter how busy life seemed to be. They chose to see me face-to-face and get a better awareness of what was going on with me. For each "No" I received there was a greater "Yes." I can say that I’m not bitter or resentful about getting my "No." This experience taught me to dig deep and see that maybe the goodness that God has stored in me can be used to benefit someone else.

The next Sunday Seven will happen in 2015! So Happy New Year from my family and I. Thanks for reading!