Sunday Seven

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Today I want to talk about the best FREE gift I received in 2014. No suspense here, the best gift is TIME. We are all allotted with the same amount and we can never get it back. I want to tell you about the 7 best things I did when my awesome family and friends gave me the gift of Time.

1 • Time for Christian Counseling – I had two life changing losses at the end of 2013 so in the beginning of 2014 my friends kept my kids so I could get Christian Counseling. That one hour in the counselor’s office helped me to grieve in a Christ-like manner. I also worked on other challenges I had so I am thankful for those precious hours.
2 • Time for Coffee – many friends and mentors gave me their precious time to meet face-to-face for coffee and conversation. I am more enriched, refreshed and encouraged for it. I pray that God also blessed them for taking their precious time and investing it in me. I often took my kids with me so I’m sure it was quite entertaining!
3 •  Time to Clean Uninterrupted – I never really prayed about this on purpose but I often had the ‘it sure would be nice’ thought. One friend kept the kids for a few hours so I could cleaned uninterrupted and I also had time to spend with my favorite person in the whole universe.
4 • Time to Date Zeke – many friends helped us by keeping our kids so we could go out and date. Time with Zeke is always enriching to me as a person but also to our marriage. I appreciate the friends who took great care of our kids so we could reconnect as a couple.
5 • Time for Marriage Counseling – it took much courage at first but I got used to admitting to my friends that I am not perfect and I was going to marriage counseling. I could have hidden the fact of where I was going but I don’t like to lie. I appreciate the friends who took the time to keep our kids so we could go marriage counseling. With the help of God we made great strides into a more mature marriage relationship. I pray that God will richly bless my dear friends for always being there to help in a non-judgmental way. The time we put into leaving shame behind and facing the fact that we needed help allowed us to move past our difficulties.
6 • Time to Run – my husband is the main person who helps me with this. The time I get to go running is extremely important to me, I really treasure it. Running helps me in many areas of my life: I stay away from the risk of developing lifestyle diseases, I use the joints God gave me in a positive way, I get amazing ideas, I get to hear my favorite Podcasts, I get to run with my friends, I get to race with my husband and the list goes on. I appreciate all the wonderful friends and family who help me with this. It truly takes a village giving selfishlessly of their time.
7 • Time to Rest – one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in the past 7 years is "you can’t put rest in a pill, you just have to do it." You can’t hibernate then go crazy tired for a season. You have to practice self-control and rest. I appreciate my husband giving me time to rest. This season of motherhood is so exhausting. Only Zeke sees the extent of what I do on a daily basis. Any time I get some time to rest is amazing for everyone. I appreciate him for doing this for me on a regular basis.

• What are some of the best free gifts you received in 2014?