Sunday Seven

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Today I want to tell you about 7 things we learned from "No TV on School Nights." My mother used to do this with us from time to time and we were not thrilled but we survived. Here's what I learned this week:
My kids were not thrilled at first.
1 • Our television watching served as a “buffer” or as a helper during our transition time. For example, as soon as I got home from picking up the kids from school I’d turn it on and they’d kinda watch it until snack was ready. Now they entertain themselves while they wait. 
2 • Complaints only lasted one day. Even my youngest was complaining about not having the TV on. They got over it real quick and found something else to do. 
3 • The kids did not turn to another “screen” because at this age they do not own another screen and I do not share my screens with them. I believe we paid too much for our extra screens and the kids have a room full of books and toys so they get to enjoy their stuff. 
4 • We came up with different activities to enjoy together such as putting on plays. They enjoyed that quite a bit. I’m a big fan of technology but I’m a bigger fan of kids doing all of their thinking for themselves. 
5 • I rested more effectively. I have been purposely cutting down on TV since last year but this week I realized my brain took a much needed break. I usually crash in front of the TV twice a week but because I didn’t have that option I crashed with a book. It was so much better for my brain! 
6 • Once again I realized we’re not missing that much. We cut down our cable years ago and every time we watch it we realize how great of a decision we made. I read somewhere that kids do not remember their best days in front of the TV (adults too) so this is the year to be sure we make some real life memories. 
7 • Miraculously, I had time for all kinds of things. It’s amazing how I used to complain about not having time to do some much needed things around the house and all of a sudden a lot of it got done this week. I did not over extended myself, I just repurposed my time. I can honestly say that not having the TV on has been one of the best investments we’ve made in 2015 thus far.