6.2 Reasons to Run Green

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It's no secret that the Green 6.2 race is my favorite 10K in town, so in 52 days, we're running it again! Here are 6.2 reasons why you should join us in this awesome race:

1 • The course is fast and flat. We start and finish at CityCentre Houston and we go around a pretty nice neighborhood. If you're really fast, you'll enjoy the next reason to run green.
2 •  You may Qualify for the Houston Marathon. If you finish the Green 6.2 in 51:08 or less you are eligible to receive a guaranteed entry to the 2016 Chevron Houston Marathon or Aramco Houston Half Marathon.
3 • There are Pace Teams. Don't want to run alone alone? Not a problem. There are pace teams available. I experience a pace team before in Chicago and had a great experience.
4 •  You have time to Train. Check out the race's training plan. You have 52 days to get ready. Whether you want to walk it or run it, this is the race for you.
5 • The part at the finish is superb. In the past two years I've ran this race I really enjoyed the post-race party. There is plenty food, activities for kids, beer for those who drink, trees (I'll have to tell you my tree story later) and lots of cool swag. CityCentre is the perfect location for it!
6 •  You get to showcase your t-shirt and medal all weekend long. Seriously, the t-shirts are high quality. I keep seeing them in town and I dearly love the t-shirt I got last year. The medal is also great looking. I believing in bragging for the world to see that you take care of your health and there's swag to prove it.
0.2 • The memories of the race will be yours to treasure. The Green 6.2 was my first Texas race and I will never forget crossing that finish line. This race fueled my fire to reach for more when it came to long distance running. Last year I had the joy of running green with my husband for the very first time. I also enjoyed running the race with my running buddies. What memories will you make this year? I know they'll be great ones!

I encourage you to join me and run green this year. REGISTER NOW  and if you use the code "SIMPLYCINTIA" you'll get $10 OFF

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Disclaimer: I am an Ambassador for the Green 6.2 race and I received two free entries to the race in exchange for Race Promotion. The honest opinions on this post are my own.

Green 6.2 in 2014
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