Two Things

Thursday, February 19, 2015

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The amount of work and concentration it takes to prepare for and run a marathon is enormous. It takes coming out of one to realize how much work it takes. Good thing I have the Green 6.2 to look forward to tough! 
It's been 31 days since I crossed the finish line of the Houston Marathon and thank God I have recovered well. This morning a group of friends and I went running in the morning. I really enjoyed the run. It reminded me of running just for the joy of it, which is lovely. Another thing I like to do is to readjust my nutrition. I enjoy eating fruits, veggies, legumes and all of this stuff so I have a Pinterest Board with some cool recipes if you'd like to find some inspiration. So, running for the joy of it and readjusting my nutrition are two things I do after a major competition. How do you recover?

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