Time Assessment

Friday, February 20, 2015

I've been pretty immersed in every day life. I'm blessed to have started the year by reading The Best Yes which gave me a lot of assurance to choose God's best in every area of life. One of the things the author encouraged me to do is to count how many hours I have per week and chart how many hours I spend in different activities. 
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I think I spend most of my week sleeping, which is good because it takes a lot of rest to do the work of any mother. Here's my time assessment results:
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So, out of 165 hours God gives me each week, I use around 114.5. I think that after sleeping I spend a lot of time preparing and eating food. This is actually good because this month we challenged ourselves to The Walton's Experiment. I won't bore you with details of what I do each day and week but I think this tool is great because it helps me to be accountable to God. 
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I love charts.
It also helps me be accountable to the goals I set for myself. I'm aware that 165 hours can fly by easily so assessing my time helps me to prioritize what's important. 
I read that this one person looks at last year's schedule and analyzes that works. He's honest with himself and stops doing things he loves but that were not working. He calls this 'I kill my darlings.' I thought this was a powerful visual for me. 
This year I am trying to spend more time on what's working. It benefits my family immensely, which is the priority God has given me this season of life. 
I wonder if you have assessed your time lately. You can make a free assessment here: Time Assessment Tool 
Let me know if it helps you. Have an amazing weekend!