Spring State of Mind

Friday, March 20, 2015

Most of my kids were born in North Carolina but like me, they enjoy warmer temps. This winter I found it challenging to explain why warm days were followed by super cold temps. One thing they knew for sure: everything would change with Spring. I have the same motivation as an adult tough the hardships of life often take my mind off the fact that seasons are meant to change.

As an adult who grew up in Brazil I have noticed that the buzz about Spring in the US is pretty awesome. Other than mild temps, I noticed people start cleaning up like crazy. I guess the renewal that you see with nature inspires us to take on the same Spring State of Mind. Having a Spring State of Mind means that I totally embrace the renewal that comes from a mind fixed on God and His Word. 

This week, during different conversations with different friends I quoted Habakkuk three times. I don't think it was by mistake that God brought this to my heart and mind this Spring Season. Here's what I quoted:

This Scripture reminds me that I can renew my mind as I am obedient to write the vision God has given me. I find that I am renewed as I look at that vision as I go on with life. I'm the type of human being that needs encouragement often, so this scripture reminds me that as I believe God to do what He said He would, I can live by faith. 

I am aware that a clean home with a cluttered mind is no good. I heavily rely on God's Word to bring me renewal. My challenge is to be bold about what the Holy Scriptures say. Whether it is to serve with a joyful heart or to forgive totally, I am committed to have a Spring State of Mind that believes: "the harshness of Winter is over! Behold, everything has become new in Spring."