The Best of Facebook

Friday, March 27, 2015

I think the blue in the south Texas sky is specially beautiful

I had a good response on the following posts this week on Facebook

"The internet makes everything look better, prettier and easier than it really is (except if you are searching for symptoms on WebMD). Trust God and dwell in what's real. The digital is fleeting."
• Don't believe all you see, hear or read on the internet. The medium makes everything look better, easier and prettier than it really is. Of course there is an exception to this and it is called WebMD. Have you tried to look for symptoms there? Scary! Back to the illusion of perfection: I can tell you that there are many trying to make a positive impact online. I can also tell you that there are many affected negatively by images of perfection which cause a feeling of lack and dissatisfaction. I believe that being focused on God and dwelling on what's real helps. For example, I try to turn off everything and get in my own head often. I love, Love, LOVE listening to Podcasts while I run but I can't let my favorite podcasters monopolize my thoughts for hours. It's wise to be in my own head and turn my every thought towards God or just simply take a mental break. A few weeks ago my youngest and I took a walk around the neighborhood. I was amazed at the richness in sight (new flowers), smells (ethnic food) and sounds (an African language). I can perceive what God is doing way better when I am not tied to the digital. I do enjoy the digital but its lure is fleeting. Let's dwell in what's real. 

"Sometimes, the biggest fight, is not to let frustration win. Marathon running teaches me persistence in all areas of life."
• When I get frustrated about something, the fight is not to let frustration win. I'm often fighting frustration but this week, I thought about how marathon running helps me with that. Even before embarking in the marathon journey, I was fighting frustration by running day after day. It teaches me persistence. It teaches me that no matter how large the barrier, if you keep putting one foot after the other, you will get to the finish line. I believe I still have many lessons to learn that will come to me through marathon training. I'm thankful to be attentive to these life lessons. 

Have an amazing weekend my friend!