10K Training: Possibilities

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

9 days to go!

I want to remind my friends that it is NOT to late to sign up for the Green 6.2 race. There's a 10K and a 5K option as well as a Kids' race. 
Each year I approach this race differently. My first year I had a lot of great expectations. I was a little nervous but at the end, I was shouting for joy! Last year I wasn't nervous at all. I was up for the fun as well as for a PR (personal record). 
This year I am eager to enjoy the race in a brand new way. My focus is on running well and going back and helping my husband and any friend I can find to finish strong. I went back last year and helped my husband finish. It was such a joy to see him cross the finish line of his first 10K race! I'm proud of his many accomplishments in fitness. I'm amazed at how this year Zeke goes back to the race with a half marathon under his belt. 
I believe that once you start running, you never know where the sport will take you. The Green 6.2 inspired me to run a marathon and it inspired my husband to run a half marathon. I also gained a lot from the training that goes into running the Green 6.2. This time around I am focusing way more on strength training. I believe that I'll arrive at the start line stronger than before, which will help me run and finish well. 
I wonder if you are open to inspired to achieve other things once you focus on your fitness. Be open to the possibilities! 

I hope you can join me and run the Green 6.2. They also have a 5K option this year! There’s plenty time to train (check out their Training Plan). Also, if you add the code SIMPLYCINTIA on your registration, you’ll get $10 off.