How to Take a Picture of yourself during a Run

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

my thoughts exactly.

I've seen some awesome running photos that made me wonder: how in the world did they take that photo? Never fear friends, I'm here to pull down the curtain and tell you How you too can take a picture of yourself during a run. Here's the secret: 

This is my secret y'all.
Simply used the Self-timer feature in your phone for an awesome running picture. If you have an Android, an app such as AutoCam will do the trick. Here is another example of photo I got with the self-timer:

I must admit, this photos were not taken on fartlek day. I was taking it easy at the end of my run. Be sure the light is good as well as the background of your photo. I know you already have a lot of creative ideas for future runs, right?
My running buddies are the best.
Another easy way to get this done is to ask someone to get a photo of you. These are some of my awesome running buddies. They were actually running backwards when I took this photo. Super fun! Now that you know how to get a picture of yourself during a run, you can totally enter the Chevron Houston Marathon's National Running Day Photo Contest! Like them of Facebook and check out the details of the contest. 

National Running Day Photo Contest
This year, the Houston Marathon Committee will host a social media photo contest for National Running Day. Everyone is encouraged to share pics from their run. Get creative with it! Pre- or post-run selfies or group photos taken during your run, and the more Chevron Houston Marathon gear in the photo, the better!

To enter the contest, post your photo on Wednesday, June 3rd as a comment on our official National Running Day post that will go up onTuesday, June 2nd on the Chevron Houston Marathon Facebook page. On Thursday, June 4th a photo gallery will be created where the pictures with the most likes win!

There will be six winners in all! Prizes:
• ONE Grand prize - $250 Chevron gas card
• TWO 1st Place winners - $100 Skechers gift card
• THREE 2nd Place winners - ABB 5K entry
*All winners will also receive a Chevron Houston Marathon backpack and hat

*All photos must be submitted in the comments section of the June 2nd Facebook post between 12:00 a.m. - 11:59 p.m. on June 3rd
*One winner (the submitter) per photo
* For questions or more info, go to the Chevron Houston Marathon's Facebook Page.