Change Begins in the Kitchen

Friday, June 19, 2015

It's day 11 of 100 and I am back home from vacation. I finally faced the scale and while I don't know my 'official' initial weight, I did take a before photo and I'll update it every 10 day-ish. I believe that the before picture is simply an avenue of progress.

I think the person in the Before picture is the bravest one for she made the decision to take steps towards change. While you will not see a near to naked body on my before or after picture (I prefer to let only my husband see that), you will see a brave person who decided to make progress towards change. 

Change is difficult, complicated and undesirable. The results of change are easy, simple and very much wanted. Good things come when we make the difficult decision to change ourselves. Every time I have to get in the process of changing from who I am to who I want to be I have to ask myself: why didn’t you make it easy on yourself and simply did not gain the weight to begin with? 

Easy to explain! I let life get in the way. I got sick and I got tired. I accomplished something big and decided not to stress about numbers in the scale. I lost weight only to regain it due to poor choices. I ate too much sugar. I never stopped exercising so that’s not my problem which makes me realize that change begins in the kitchen, thus this 100 days of food journal project. 

I have faith that by the end of this project the changes I make outside will mirror the change that happened inside of me. I don’t know where you are in your health journey but I want you to love who you are right now. Your before is simply your start line. It takes a lot of courage to start so embrace your courageous self and keep going.

100 Days of Food Journaling 
Day 1