Sunday Seven

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day! Today I wanted to share 7 things that money can't buy that we can all give the dads in our lives. 
Dad and I at the Franklin Half Marathon 
1. Honor - the Bible encourages us to honor our fathers. I am a witness that while the way you honor may be different as an adult, it is not an exception to the commandment. I also believe that people flourish (and so do we) as we honor them. 
2. Respect - regardless of the relationship we may have with our fathers we can all respect them. If the situation is very difficult and hurtful, I'd get Christian counseling and I'd respect the office (or position) of a father. Every step towards honoring God's Word is freeing and worth taking. 
3. A Listening Ear - I totally got this tip from today's sermon and I agree that when father speaks, we should listen. Their words are rich in wisdom, family history and advice. Be present and listen. It will be a blessing. 
Zeke and I at the Green 6.2
4. Your Presence -  I choose to believe that most fathers want their children present in their lives. Because we are in ministry, we hear about all kinds of difficult situations we actively pray for reconciliation of fathers and sons. I am currently praying Malachi 4:6 for a sweet family I know and I believe God to work it out. If your situation is not that challenging, be present. If you are physically removed from your dad as I have been for a lot of my adult life, a phone call or a skype call will do it. Let's see our fathers face-to-face and let's enjoy their rich presence. 
5. The joy of our children - As I've mentioned, I have lived in a different country than my father for many years so he doesn't get to enjoy my kids and most grandparents who live close to their grandkids do. I make sure the kids talk to him often and this year as my parents came to visit, the kids not only knew him but were eager to spend time with him. I remember the precious moments I had with my grandfather. It was an interesting relationship that I came to fully appreciate as I became an adult. In high school I'd go by McDonalds and buy him a burger before stopping by for a quick visit. I remember his smile as I kissed him goodbye. I was already living here when he died but I remember the joy we gave him as kids and adults. Those sweet memories are forever marked in my soul. I thank God for the joy kids are for fathers and grandfathers. 
6. Prayers - I spend most of my childhood praying for the salvation of my grandfather, who got saved and is now present with the Lord. I remember praying a lot for my father under the leadership of my mother and grandmothers. Our prayers were effective you know. God did save, God did heal (more than once). Do pray blessings of your father and grandfathers. God hears and He answers. 
7. Forgiveness - Fathers are not perfect and we need to have a heart to forgive them as often as they need (70 times 7 right?). If you want a deeper teaching on Forgiveness, please read the book that helped me the most the Bible (ha!) and Total Forgiveness by RT Kendall.