Last Day of School: it wasn't Scary

Thursday, June 4, 2015

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How we've grown!
My kids are growing in front of my eyes and it is marvelous. God has been with us in this new school year of discovery. It hasn't been always easy, except for His yoke and His light burden. School was fun, and it wasn't as scary as some may say. It turns out that the decision to face "Kindergarten without fear" was the right one. God was always there, protecting us, leading and guiding us. 

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You get watermelon!
We entered a new area of influence. Our goal was not to be the "all in all" but to be mindful to pray, encourage and cheer. As parents, our prayer life grows as our children grow. My kids gave us more prayer material than we've ever had. I personally got more prayer material in the area of wisdom. I constantly prayed for Godly wisdom because there's no other way to make it without it. Godly wisdom came in handy when we faced different challenges this school year. Godly wisdom reminded me of the God I serve and that I represent Him everywhere I go. I was also mindful to encourage each school teacher and staff person I came in contact with. I told them not only that I was praying for them but exactly what the prayer dialogue was all about. I'm not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I know that Biblical prayers are empowering because they are pretty much God's Word. I'm serious about praying for teachers, staff and schools.
Dropping the kids off at school is never a casual thing. I'm assured that God is with them everywhere they go. I know that goodness and mercy follow my kids every day of their lives. I know that they dwell under the shadow of the Almighty. I also know that Jesus loves children and Jesus is filled with joy. I do expect lots of laughter and fun to happen.
This post is my way of expressing my thankfulness to God who guides me and leads me where I need to go. He is my only hope, anchor and assurance.
I am thankful for one out of at least 15 more school years to come. I'm trusting God all the way.
Alright, it's officially Camp Listenbee season in our household so, yay for more adventures in the sun!
My friend, I don't know if you had a good or bad school year. Please know that God sees, God cares and He loves you with an everlasting love. Rest assured in His goodness and care for you today.