Tools of the Food Journaling Trade

Monday, June 29, 2015

I received a great question about journaling from a friend on Facebook, but first, here is my 21 day update photo: 
I can see the change finally showing up! I will not lie, I was discouraged at times but I kept pressing on. Visible changes encourage us but great lessons happen when we decide to persist and follow thru with our plan. I guess I'll stick with this 100 Days of Food Journaling plan! 

My friend asked me if I had suggestions on electronic ways to journal while going through a food and exercise wellness journey. I have 3 suggestions for digital journaling that may work for you: 

• Day One App - this app has a nice design and it is easy to use. It also allows you to add a multimedia sphere to your journaling such as photos. This is my least used app but I do have it on my phone just in case I need somewhere to write. 

• Evernote - I use Evernote to take notes at Merry Ministries. I also use it to write blog posts. I have book ideas there as well as other things. Evernote is also known as a productivity app so you can totally make it work for journaling while on your health journey. 

• Google Docs - I am currently using Google Docs to document my 100 Days of Food Journaling. I like the versatility and I love the fact that I can use both the web and app version. I use this app daily to journal and write other things. I totally approve it!

One thing you need to be mindful is that you need to have access to your digital journal at all times so be sure that any option you choose has an offline version (I know Evernote does). 

The question I pondered on during these last 10 days was "How different will my life be at day 100 and what can I do today to propel that difference?" I believe that by day 100 I will be feeling much better physically. I will also have a well established habit of making the best choices for my health. I can keep journaling, drinking all the water I need for the day, resting and exercising accordingly in order to make that happen. Change will come because I am preparing to succeed. I just need to persist. 

A last note on my change: I'm dropping pounds off slowly for many reasons. I am happy to be losing weight at this rate rather than quickly. I've experienced quick weight loss before and the problem is that those fleeting pounds came back with a vengeance. This time I want to establish and keep the habits that will propel me forward to greater and lasting wellness. 

I hope today's post was helpful to you. Join me at my Hope Health Support Group on Facebook if you would like to have a group of friends in the journey to encourage you. Also leave me a comment with any questions about my process. I'd love to answer your questions!

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