Sunday Seven

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The summer is in full swing and if you are looking for ideas of what to do, I have a couple of things we’ve been doing (or will do).

1 • Vacation Bible School (VBS) - most churches are offering VBS this summer. It is the highlight of our summer to be honest. I love the way kids learn the Gospel during that week and I appreciate all the lessons God teach me as I volunteer.  
2 • Pinterest Projects - If like me, your boards are overflowing with stuff, try to get some of them done during the summer. The projects with photo or video tutorials are confidence boosters for sure.
3 • Library Reading Challenge - I love the Public Library and their reading challenges for children and adults. Even if you don’t take the challenge, it’s worth making a trip over to get some new books and resources. I’d also ask the librarians for suggestions of books that will help the kids to excel in reading.
4 • Splash Pads - playing in the water is plain fun and we won’t be doing a lot of it in the fall and winter. Splash Pads are part of summer, as long as the kids enjoy them.
5 • Family Friendly Races - a lot of 5K races take place during the summer. These races often offer some type of kid friendly race, which is a great way to introduce kids to the sport. A lot of them also give the kids a medal. If you don’t want to do the race thing, take your kid to the park and go for a fun run.
6 • Teach Something - You have a talent that no one else has. Teach that to your kids. Whether you speak a foreign language or practice an art, teach something to your kids. The important thing is to spend time together empowering your kids to succeed. My goal is to improve my kid’s Portuguese this summer and get them running more often.
7 • Boredom - boredom is good because that’s when creativity starts. Don’t be afraid of turning off every screen and letting the kids figure out life by themselves. After they complain for a little while they will get over it and find something creative to do. I love the moment they become creative and think for themselves, just as God intended.

I pray you have an amazing summer! Another way of getting some fun into the summer is creating or joining a Summer Camp Coop. Have a fun and creative week!