Chevron Houston Marathon 2016 Training Week 4

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I'm amazed at how this wonderful process of conquering a marathon starts. I am currently preparing to succeed. We are exactly 178 days away from the big day and I am steady conditioning my body to face 26.2 miles. 

Marathon training is more than getting out there and sweating away. I am learning from my mistakes and making sure to get my body in shape. Yesterday I prepared 10 meals for this week. There is nothing more satisfying than being 'ahead' when it comes to nutrition. I cooked my usual rice, beans, veggies and I made this trail mix. I found these containers for $0.84 each at Aldi: what a great deal! My goal is to always prep my meals ahead of time. Another goal is not to get in the 'entitlement' mindset. I have suffered from that a lot. This mindset tells me that because I run, I get to eat whatever I want. That is a lie of course. Making sure that my nutrition is on point works every time. 
Fueling my body to train and succeed!
Another part of my training is cross training. I have been going to a boot camp class as well as a strength training class. It really has made my muscles stronger. Here is a picture of me before boot camp. I was the only one there this week so it felt like I had a personal trainer. I realize that waking up early, training and preparing meals is hard work but it will pay off in 178 days. 
I hope some people join me next time. 
 Last Saturday it was my turn to run with the group, so I was in heaven! I started early with a couple of friends then we joined the larger group for another run. This is a photo of the seminar at the end of the run. The topic covered was running shoes. It reminded me that I go through at least 2 pairs during the training season. I changed my running shoes for the first time this year and so far it has worked wonders. 
The best running group in the universe!
I want to remind you to please check out my husband Zeke's Fundraising Page. He's raising funds for Bel Inizio. Also, there are spots left to run with us as well as to fundraise. Check out the Chevron Houston Marathon Registration page when you can. 

Yes you can run a marathon. Yes, there is plenty time to train and get ready. I hope you join us! The first step is registering for the event. 

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