5 ways to Meditate on the Gospel of John

Monday, August 31, 2015

1. Watch it on Netflix!

I watched it a while ago and I go back to it often. They pretty much read it and you have nice scenes to go along with it. I find it to be a good investment of my time if I'm going to watch something on TV. 

2. Listen to Merry Ministries' 2009 teaching series.  

Go to MerryMinistries.com and click on Messages. Scroll down the page and you'll find a 2009 teaching of the Gospel of John. We're studying it again this year, so if you get back to this page after September 9 you'll be able to watch the 2015 teaching. 

3. Audible Book - I had a signature to Audible so I bought the NKJV Bible. When I'm out running, I often listen to a Bible book. It's good because it doesn't require loading time. I also listen to it while I'm in the middle of my household chores. 

4. YouVersion - This App has several versions of the Bible so you can read The Gospel of John that way. You can also listen to some versions. I love this version because it's free and it is very easy to use. 

5. Read a Chapter a Day - If you grab your own Bible and read a chapter a day, you'll be finished in 21 days. I believe that reading the Gospel of John is a great refresher on Jesus. 

If you are local, I hope you can join us at Merry Ministries! If you are not, join us online where we'll have the video, Podcast and study notes available. No matter how you do it, study the Bible and get to know God better!