Sunday Seven

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Happy Sunday! Here are 7 things I learned this past week. It was our first week back to school for the kids and at work for me.

1. God must come first - seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness is what the Bible says and this I believe. Things just go better when I give God the first place in my day. For me, it means that I give Him my first thought and devotion. This week, I got on my knees and asked for His grace to face the day. God is faithful and I pray that I am more available to Him daily.

2. I'm second - I can't give what I don't have so I believe that I come second. Once I'm filled with God's goodness, I get to take care of me. It means exercise, it means food. It means a Bible verse or two so that I can have something to give. When I fly, I'm told to put on my oxygen mask first before I help someone else. I think I practice this principle by submitting myself to God and exercising before I face the day.

3. My morning begins the night before - I pushed myself to prep lunch boxes (4 of them), backpacks and other things the night before. I loaded the washing machine the night before. In the morning as I was drinking my coffee I noticed something was missing: morning stress! I was calmly drinking my coffee and enjoying a peaceful morning with the kids. Thank God for preparation! I did hear that preparing the night before guarantees a successful morning for all of us. I pray that I will keep preparing for my morning the night before. It sure makes life easier!

4. Use this four-letter Word Daily - REST. This four-letter word is the key to an easier week for everyone. I understand that adult nap rooms will not open for business just because I wish it would. It is up to me to respect my limits and rest well daily. I am more productive, peaceful and effective when I get enough rest. I all you can do is go to bed at a decent time, it will make a big difference. I'm a witness.

5. Fight Stress - this week I was reminded that my fight against stress is not over. I had to recognize I was stressed and reach in my tool box and do something about it. I prayed about it. I talked about it. I got enough rest and I made sure that I wasn't giving stress a place in my life. This stuff is lethal and it does not belong in my life. I'm trusting God that I will continue to fight and win against stress.

6. Laugh More - in the midst of business and transition, I noticed all the laughter around me. I eased myself into it. I often look at my life and ask "What would Jesus do?" I believe He'd be in the midst of the laughter and fun my children constantly enjoy. The joy of the Lord is my strength, so I need to dwell in joy this season of life.

7. My Husband is Amazing - Zeke has always been there for me, in every season of life. This season he has been a constant supporter and encourager. He teachers me so much about God just by being a godly husband and father. I don't think this week (my whole life!) would be as successful without Zeke by my side. I love him more than words can say and I am so honored to be his.

I pray you had a great week. God's always there for you. I'm a witness He will give you all the wisdom, strength and grace you need to be all He has called you to be. Happy Sunday!