Chevron Houston Marathon Training Week 6

Friday, August 7, 2015

We have around 5 months of training to go or 162 days! So far the training has been good. I cut down  on my mileage in the past two weeks because of childcare issues and because I have been trying to give my hamstrings some rest. 
this view is everything.
The intense bootcamp class was a great challenge but I decided to give my legs rest so I could properly recover from all that work. I will be honest with you and tell you that I get a sports massage once a year because of the high cost. My solution has been to use the foam roller I got for Mother's Day (thanks kids!) most days of the week, stretch and also do the Epsom Salt bath thing which works wonders. I have also been good about strengthening that muscle. My goal is to continue to do that for the next 5 months so that by the time marathon day arrives I am good to go for 26.2 miles. 

I started working this week and that messed with my training schedule a bit. I got my training in but in different times than normal. What can I say, the life of a marathoner includes a lot of sacrifices but the pay off is wonderful. I decided to workout before work just to be sure that exercise actually happens. I'm a morning person and if I don't have to see the sun while I run, great. Last night I ran in the late afternoon and the sun was out: what a killer! It was tough and I made it through but I was reminded of why I run in the morning. 

I have also been blessed with a group of friends who do hill work early in the morning during the week. It's not a social or fun run, it's a lot of work but we're all happy when it's done. I'm happy to include this in my weekly workouts. I have been doing core work as well this week. I had to do a lot of it at home and I am trying not to be frustrated because I'm just starting. The key thing is not to give up. 

The weight loss front is going well too: 2 less pounds this week. I am learning that having the good habit of writing down my food makes it easier to get the best nutrition in my day. I feel better and running with less weight makes the whole process so much easier. 

Well, these are all my updates for now. Remember to sign up for the marathon if you haven't yet and if you want to run the half, check out the Charities you can support. Also, if you would like to contribute to my husband's Charity Bel Inizio, click here.

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