100 Days of Food Journaling: 3 words

Thursday, August 6, 2015

This is day 59 of 100 and here is my latest update:
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I can say that writing down my food intake has become a well-established habit. I can also say that losing weight is not my main motivation (although it's really nice). Improving my health is the main reason why I am persevering in this project. The side effects are many: running is getting easier, I am losing weight and my clothes are fit better (yes!!!). 
When I started this process, my focus was to regain control of my food intake by paying close attention to nutrition. Every day has not been "glamorous" which means I am learning from my mistakes. My main drive can be summarized in 3 words "don't give up." 
Showing perfect before and after pictures can't do justice to the real stuff that goes on in real life. This week for example, I started my new job. I haven't worked outside of the home for 6 and a half years. It is a big adjustment but I am determined not to let this change derail me from my wellness goals. 
Exercising is still a priority but I've been fitting in when I can. Last night I had THE worse run ever but I got it done. This morning when I weighed myself I gave glory to God for helping me lose 2 more pounds. 
My friend, you can achieve your health goals. My encouraging words to you can be summarized in "you will succeed" and "take small steps."
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