Chevron Houston Marathon Week 9

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Last Saturday I tagged along with my Fall Marathon super hero friends and I hung around for 14.5 miles. This is me at mile 8: 
Let's say I was feeling good about the mileage
These past two weeks have been times of transition for me. It's back to school week and I started teaching today. I have been taking every chance I get to run and I am enjoying the longer mileage. I think I haven't ran this much in over 2 months. I still haven't decided how much I'll run Saturday but I might go for a good 13 (we'll see). This is a photo of the seminar we have after our long runs. 
The best running group in the galaxy!
I finally picked up my running group tech shirt for the year and I'm happy to say the printer did NOT misspell my last name! Last year they thought it was a nickname :) The runners passing us were highly entertained. Can't wait to hear the comments we get this year. 

If like me you want a deal in running shoes, I can recommend two websites. The trick is to know your size before you buy it. Two years ago I went to the running store and they measured my shoe size. I also helped myself to several brands and models to see what I liked. Once I found out what I liked, I went to these great places: 

• Holabird Sports - I purchased two Asics for $120 and the shipping was FREE. Usually you pay this much for one pair, so to purchase a whole year's supply of running shoes for the price of one was an amazing blessing. - My running buddies buy previous year's models from them. I purchased a simple running shoe to wear at work. That's right, I'll take comfort over glam any day. I am planning on purchasing my next shoe from these folks pretty soon. Oh, have I mention they also have free shipping?

Trust me, these people don't know I exist (except for my purchases) so this is not an ad, this is an honest tip from a runner to another. 

We have 143 days till the Chevron Houston Marathon. There is still time to register for the Full marathon or to run the half for charity. Go to their website for more info. 

This year the marathon is in my 10-year wedding anniversary. Thank God for my running husband who wants to celebrate our marriage by running through Houston. Let the training continue. 

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