The Business of Change

Monday, August 24, 2015

The kids were so cheerful this morning! It was another first day of school. Thank you Jesus, they are indeed growing up and learning their way through this world. My husband posted this photo and I was reminded (again) on how quickly things change.

Growing up and getting smarter by the second!

We took the top photo this morning, the bottom was 3 years ago. I had just became the expert in mixing nap schedules with preschool. I was changing multiple diapers and the intensity of parenting pre-schoolers was the new thing for us.

Today I am reminded by my kids on how flexible they are to change. Change is a part of life and they embrace it with joy as it comes. Kids grow and change immensely all the time. I am yet to hear one of them complain about it. What I do hear are the giggles getting louder, the playing, more energetic. 

Kids do well with this Business of Change. I see that they use change as a means to maturity, improvement and to get where they need to go in life. If I could only think like this way every time I'm faced with change! 

I often forget that what changes today will probably change later. My assurance is in the stability of God's Words and God's Ways. When it comes to parenting challenges, I'm quick to remember that many parents have dealt with the challenges I have today. All I need to do is to reach out. 

It's comforting to know that there are others out there challenged by this business of change. This common bond qualifies and enforces our humanity. 

This is probably not what you expected for a first day of school post but this business of change is really filling my heart right now. I'm thankful for the stability I find in God. I'm thankful for an amazing husband who helps me navigate life so well. I am thankful for friends who understand, love and care. 

I don't know how you navigate this business of change my friend. If you think you suck at it, join the club. If you've done well, reach out and help someone. One thing is for sure, change is part of life and life is always changing.