Friendship, the Old Fashion Way

Monday, August 3, 2015

The norm is to send a text and check on a friend but some choose to go beyond. 
Today I am thankful for friends who choose to be different and do friendship the old fashion way. Sure we're all busy. People like us have families, jobs, multiple kids and many demands. Still, I am touched by the way old fashion friendships work.

The goal of technology is to simply get us to a place where we can bond. Once we are face-to-face we can share things that text messages can't hold or can't express: the stuff genuine friendship is made of.

Genuine friendship is made of dreams. I appreciate the fact that when I share my dreams with my friends they listen to me with respect. Another thing I enjoy sharing with my friends are my random thoughts. I think about things my kids can't yet understand and I thank God that I friends who are willing to listen to such thoughts. Whether it is about something big or small, I appreciate my friends for listening to my randomness. Genuine friendships are also made of dreams that would not be. Whether my sadness is about a frustration or irritability with life's events, I am thankful I have a place to express those feelings. The friends I have in real life are great treasures because I can be that honest with them. 

I know there are exceptions to this rule. I have dear friends who live abroad so I rely on technology to keep in touch. We both make sure we stay true to our friendship and we try to connect often by talking to each other. 

What I really want to encourage you to do is to bring more friends to your inner circle. Call a friend and see them face-to-face this week. You'll be glad you did.