Chevron Houston Marathon Week 10

Saturday, September 5, 2015

We are 133 days away from the big day and I am thankful for another week of training. Let me make a confession: this was a challenging week of training. It was a double huge sacrifice to complete all my workouts. I could give every excuse in the book but I just kept showing up. Nothing magical really happened. The runs were not as long as I'd like but I completed them. The cross training was not stellar, but I finished it. I just told myself, "you show up." 

I have a mentor who often tells me that showing up is the foundation of success in life and leadership. I can say that the same principle applies in marathon training. This morning I showed up for long run and I came later than usual (I often take the early shift with the Fall Marathon runners). I was glad I showed up and the run was really good. I was able to do my usual running and talking to different people. I'm always amazed at the cool stories I heard during our runs. 

My goal for Week 11 of training is to show up and put some extra effort in my training. I want to be more prepared mentally and physically. What I mean is, I will work on my mental game during the week. I usually have it together for my long runs. I will also develop a mental toughness strategy for cross training. Believe it or not, runnings feels "easy" compared to some of the cross training sessions I decided to do. They are beneficial but not easy. 

The marathon is in January. It will be here before we know it. Today I'm encouraged to show up, no matter how I feel and put my best effort in my marathon training.

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