Sunday Seven

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Happy Sunday! It's a holiday weekend here in America, so a lot of us will be enjoying extra foods (I'm taking an extra run) so I decided to post photos of foods I've prepared on the past and blogged about. 
preparation stage of the low carb lasagna
 1. Zucchini Lasagna - I got the recipe from Pinterest and it really worked. I enjoyed it, my family, not so much. It's low card and fabulous if you want to cut back on the carb calorie.
 2. Ezekiel Bread + Nut butter + Banana - I know, it doesn't required "cooking" but it's so good.

coffee with friend
 3. Coffee or Tea with friends - I found mini scones in the grocery store, fruit, chocolate and we had a great time.
A Fall Favorite
 4. Pumpkin Angel Food Cake - another Pinterest find: super easy to make and it gave us all a taste of Fall.

Zeke's Award Winning Cake
 5. Pumpkin Surprise - Zeke seriously won some awards with this cake at church. It's really good!

someone took a bite before they should have
 6. Homemade Pizza - the kids raised money for missions by skipping the pizza shop for a good 6 weeks. I made homemade pizza (another Pinterest find) and it tasted so good the kids wanted to eat the dough by itself.

7. Banana Muffins - I make these muffins weekly. They work every time and my entire family loves it. Google gets the glory for this recipe. I modified it and blogged about it here.