Chevron Houston Marathon Week 11

Friday, September 11, 2015

I had a lot of training for my job last month and I had this thought: "you know you're a runner when you sit at seminars and ask yourself 'how many miles could I have covered by now?" This might be a business idea. Ha!

Today I wanted to quickly talk to you about 3 ways to stay motivated to train. I had a Periscope about it if you prefer to watch it (click here). The 3 ways are: Projects, People and Purpose.

Projects - my main project is to finish the Chevron Houston Marathon feeling well and injury-free. This project motivates me daily in many ways. Because of my project, I eat well and choose the best nutrition for my calories. I also make sure I complete my cross training sessions. These sessions help me get stronger in other areas so I can reach my goal. I have to be honest with you and tell you that I made a big investment when I signed up to run my favorite marathon in the galaxy. I made a time commitment to train for many, many hours. I made a commitment to my running group to be a team player. I made a commitment to my family that I will do my best to reach my goal so their time away from me will not be in vain. Having a worth project really keeps me motivated.

People - I have key people in my life who keep me motivated to reach my goal. The ones closer to me motivated me from the inside out. My dear family is always in my heart when I run. I learned during my first Houston Marathon not to think about them with intensity because I'd get emotional and hyperventilate (I know, I'm too much...). I do keep them in that happy place in my mind when I'm out there. My other friends motivate me from the "outside in." My running buddies for example, motivate me every time we train together. This week for example, I got some awesome motivation from a friend who took the time to teach me how to better train for speed. People who motivate us to reach our goals are a blessing!

Purpose - your Purpose is your big "why." My main purpose in this life is to live so that when I see God, He will say "well done." I strive to live in a worthy manner of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Even when I'm running, I pray that I can be a blessing and that I can represent my Lord and Savior well. I know many runners who run with the purpose of fundraising for charities (my husband is one, you can support his charity, Bel Inizion here). The thing is, if you are going to run 26.2 miles, you need to have a great reason. A firmly establish purpose is very likely to keep you motivated to reach the finish line.

This week my training went well. I've been going to a Boot Camp class faithfully and it has really helped me strengthen other areas of my body. I also remain determined to run with faster runners than myself. Their experience and presence really keep me motivated to do my best week after week. I also appreciate them for letting me tag along.

My friend, I pray that you stay motivated with a Project, great People  and a great Purpose.

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