Sunday Seven

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hello Sunday! I want to share 7 lessons I learned last week:

1 - Standing up for what I believe will always cost me something. I'm ready to pay the price. 
2 - I can always pray. My Heavenly Father is listening and He answers. 
3 - My voice is not the only way I can communicate and lead. 
4 - To represent someone, you need to know them well. To represent Jesus, I don't need to know about Him but I need to know Him and His character very well. 
5 - If rose bushes look sorry and dry, keep watering them anyway: healthy flowers will return.
6 - Wearing and joyful smile on the outside and true peace on the inside is the best daily makeup routine. 7 - Showing respect to people who are seen as "less then" is a great way to show them true love.