Chevron Houston Marathon Week 12

Thursday, September 17, 2015

These past 3 months flew by! I'm glad I've spent that time training for the marathon which is in 121 days. Last weekend, after our long run, we celebrated our friends who are competing in Fall marathons. I am trying to celebrate my fellow runners more often. I have friends who do this very well and I admire them.

Our celebration was fun. I ran early, went home, took a shower and brought a casserole, banana muffins and Brazilian chocolate for everyone who could make it. It was my honor to celebrate my friends and their training. 

I believe I adapted more to my own training this week. I learned from last week's training that I need to focus more. What I mean is that I need to rest well so that I have the energy to train. In order for this wife and mother to rest well, I need to be pretty organized in other areas of life. For example, last week we started Bible study, which is the last event needed for our Fall schedule to be complete. I get to manage work, church, Bible study, 2 kids in school, 1 preschooler and my wonderful husband plus my training schedule. 

It seems like it's a lot but there are folks who are way busier than I successfully training for long distance events. It seems that when our priorities are important to us, they really do happen. It's not easy managing everything and still making time for training but it is worth it. 

Right now, I am thankful to God for one more week of training and I am eager to get out there and run long with the running group.

Challenges such as a busy schedule, are nothing but a resume enhancer for a marathoner. Every obstacle becomes another reason why running the Chevron Houston Marathon is more a victory lap than a competition. 

I appreciate your prayers as I stay focused to keep training and making progress towards the marathon. Thanks for reading my friend!

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