Sunday Seven

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Have you heard the saying "bloom where you are planted?" Here are 7 practical ways to do that:

1 • Find Nourishment - plants that bloom beautifully are nourished with water daily. In order to bloom where you are planted, you need to do the same. Be sure that you find great water for your soul and drink up daily. 
2 • Fertilizers - fertilizer is any substance, such as manure or a mixture of nitrates, that mixed with soil and water increases its productivity. We are all offered fertilizers in life. Don't underestimate their possibility of productivity in your life. Yeah it stinks but grow will come because of it. 
3 • Be authentic - It's a great idea to be reliable, credible and trustworthy. It's great to be dependable and legit. Be authentic my friend.  
4 • Celebrate your uniqueness - You are a limited occurrence and honestly, there will never be anyone like you. It's a great idea to celebrate how God created you and give of your unique self to others. Only you can do it the way you do it. You really are a gift. 

5 • Be an encourager - When you infuse courage to someone's heart through your words, you are an encourager. You don't do it for the feedback, you do it because that's who you are. You inspire, you see the best and you are positive. What a great way to bloom where you are planted. 
6 • Rest well - you can't give what you don't have. All the things I mentioned till now can't be done unless you rest well. Sleeping well, managing stress and adding recreation to your life will bear fruit when you are in the business of blooming where you are planted. Let's face it, no one enjoys hanging out with the cranky person. Get some rest and feel regenerated. 
7 • Surrender - Commit yourself to the season of life where you are. Stop thinking about how things would or should be. Dedicate yourself to your current season of life and the people who need you to be there for them. Surrender to the fact that your situation does not change God's great plan for your life. Trust God to know what He's doing. Find contentment where you, bloom where you are planted.