5 things to consider before watching TV

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Have you ever considered that TV is no longer for pure entertainment? As you probably know I try my best to make great use of my time. If I am to sit in front of a TV Show, here are 5 things I consider:
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• Cleavage (or any body parts) shouldn’t sell a good plot - I was thrilled to finally watch a good show with my husband. The plot was good, the series was fairly well written but there was something wrong… the amount of cleavage in every scene was bothering me. I couldn’t shake that feeling of uneasiness. I told my husband I wasn’t comfortable watching the show because cleavage shouldn’t be the selling point for a good plot. He graciously agree to find another show to watch as a couple. Friends, this is my personal conviction so don’t feel that this is a rule. I am thankful that there are shows out there that tell a good story without having to appeal to body part exposure.

• If the show leaves me feeling hopeless, I don’t need to watch it - I limit the amount of hopelessness I expose my spirit to. I don’t think it is healthy to watch shows that will bring me down on purpose. I guard my spirit because I prefer to expose it to the goodness of God and the beauty He created. I am not saying that I am anti-reality, I am saying that I will not overload myself with negativity.

• Rating doesn’t always match convictions - TV and Movie ratings can be so deceiving. I learned not to blindly trust in them. At the same time I have learned to trust that when they say Mature they mean it. Again, let your convictions guide your decision. I have learned to wisely choose what type of entertainment I will expose my spirit to. Everything you expose yourself to affects your spirit. That is exactly why I expose myself to God's word on a daily basis.

• Would I watch this with my kids? - a wise friend shared this question with us many years ago. He said he cut out everything he wouldn’t watch with his kids. I thought it was a brave decision. I personally dislike the feeling of having to sneak out and watch something in secret. I want my kids to approach me when I’m watching TV without having the fear that they will watch something they shouldn’t. Again, it’s important to know what your convictions are and go from there.

 Am I being entertained or manipulated? - believe it or not, there is a difference and if you really think about it, you will be able to discern. There are programs meant to entertain and programs meant to manipulate. This is exactly why I don’t sit in front of a screen with a numb mind. I am thinking and processing with my mind and spirit. I dislike being manipulated period. There is no way I will dumbly sit and let an inanimate object of sorts (the screen) tell me how I am to live my life. This is the point I would go on and on about limiting this exposure and thinking for ourselves. Seriously! Next time you are watching something ask yourself: am I being entertained or manipulated?

Last year during my TV Show Challenge I accomplished my goals and dreams by matching the hours in front of the TV with working on my goals for the year. This Fall season you will find me watching less TV (thank God!) while still in pursuit of my 2015 goals. With 71 days till the New Year, you and I can’t afford to sit numbly in front of a screen. Let’s enjoy pure entertainment but let’s be great stewards of our time by using our wonderful minds in pursuit of our dreams.