Sunday Seven

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Starting this Monday I will take on the Vegan Challenge for 23 days. Why vegan and Why 23 days? I will share the answers!
1. I feel Great - every time I eat a plant based diet I feel better. I'd say this is the number one benefit for going Vegan for a little while.
2. Increased Energy - I don't have a problem with energy but as soon as my eating becomes plant based my energy level goes through the roof. Even when I don't drink coffee I can feel the benefits of eating vegan foods.
3. The right length of time - 23 days is not too long or short. It was one of my goals for the year and I thought I feel so good I need to take on this journey again.
4. I run Better - I believe that nutrition and fitness go hand in hand. When my nutrients go up so do the results I get when I am running or exercising.
5. I will save money - not eating meat for 23 days saves a little dinero. I have the tendency of not eating out as much because it's easier to cook what I can eat. There you go, lots of money saved.
6. Better Health - My health does improve when I eat a plant based diet. My blood pressure benefits from it, my cholesterol level as well as other areas. I always believed that eating more fruits and vegetables is the way have and maintain great health.
7. The Holidays are Coming - I honestly do not want to start the holiday season on deficit. I am always training during the holidays and the extra nutrients will be helpful for that. The holiday season has a greater variety of delicious calories and there's always the temptation to waste calories. Eating a plant-based diet will help me stay ahead by feeling great and remembering not to waste my great shape on temporary junk food.

What are your reasons to add more fruits and veggies to your daily meals? Join me starting Monday in this 23-day journey!