Chevron Houston Marathon Week 17

Sunday, October 25, 2015

I was supposed to have ran a half marathon race this morning, but I didn't so I wanted to tell you about "the race that never was." 
The kids and I got my bib and we were hopeful although we were aware of the weather issues our area was facing. My kids have picked up numerous bibs with me. They are so sweet and they always ask me if they can run a half marathon too. Haha!
My friend Roberta came by for a few hours to visit. We have been friends for 20 years and counting. She has been a great influence in my life and I appreciate her so much. 
We had a chance to catch up and I got to do a lot of things I wouldn't do by myself on a Saturday. She's such a sunshine that I never really noticed all the rain outside. Roberta is also super fit and I go to her often for fitness and nutrition advice. I love my friends! When they travel overseas to see me, I love them all the more. 
The half marathon was canceled Saturday afternoon, so I decided to go to church. I was ready for 3 services with my rain gear, high heels, clif bar and coffee with almond milk. I drank 32 oz of water, which made me feel fantastic.
I thought that I was going to run13.1 miles in the treadmill because the race was canceled but we had a dear sister from church over for lunch, so I was helping my favorite chef (Zeke) to get ready. We had a great time together and by the time she went home I didn't feel like running 13.1 in the treadmill. Let's face it, resting for one long run won't hurt. You will also be glad to hear that next weekend I'm running a 14-miler one day and a 5K the next. Pray friends. 

I can't say I'm frustrated or angry with the race being canceled. Yes, I lost the money but the race director and the city of Houston were looking out for our safety. Weather is something you can't predict so safety comes first. I am hoping they'll reschedule the race or give us a free entry for next year. If not, I understand that runners are not to the only ones who lose when a race is cancelled. The important thing for me is to remain thankful and hopeful because in 83 days we are running the Chevron Houston Marathon. 

Thanks for reading and thanks for praying for me friends! Have a great week!

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