Having a Bad Week? Here is How to Cope.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bad weeks happen to good people. It's not personal, it's just life. Let me shoot it straight and give you 3 ways to cope: Be Pleasant, Be Prepared and Be Positive. 

Be Pleasant - Just because I'm having a bad week, it does not give me the right to make EVERYONE IN THE WORLD suffer because of it. Be pleasant. I believe it's human nature to want to be noticed but it's not nice to do it in a distasteful way. I believe that when we're pleasant, even though we might be going through a bad week, it displays self-control. It also shows that we don't need to be the center of attention. When you remain pleasant despite of challenging circumstances, you are proving that your worth is not attached to your current situation. You get to grow and develop through it. Nothing stays the same, so we might as well be good company. 

Be Prepared - You can be prepared for the expected. I'm expected to work, so I can be ready to do that. My kids are expected to be at school daily so I can be prepared for that. Organization is not a spiritual gift, it's a vessel of sanity. Being prepared for one's week can add some valuable peace and continuity to a chaotic week. The number one thing someone needs to have prepared is one's heart. I get my heart prepared for each day by going to God for guidance, love and everything else I need. Practicing spiritual discipline this week helped me to be prepared for the unexpected. To make it as simple as I can, God's supernatural really helped me with the many challenges I had. It was so nice I'm encouraged to keep applying spiritual discipline to my weekly schedule. Be prepared for what you know and God will help you with what you don't. 

Be Positive - it really just makes everything in life easier. Changing your attitude is the key to getting difficult stuff done the easy way. So, the kid spilled the milk right before you have to leave the house? Clean it up (or be like me and ignore it) with a good attitude. It takes more energy to have a bad attitude about anything. Someone's spilled milk might be someone else's broken finances, relationship, dream. Life will always throw curveballs at any living creature, it's up to us to have the correct attitude about it. Joyce Meyer says that "the great thing about an attitude is that it's yours and you can change it." Remember that there's one true source of positivity, God Himself. 

My friend, I won't bore you with all the difficult stuff that's on my plate right now. The fact that we are human beings makes us candidates for the occasional challenge and trial. One thing is for sure, God loves us and He wants to see us do well. He also placed amazing family and friends in our lives for such time as this. I pray that you find comfort in God and in the loving people who surround you. This too shall pass.