Chevron Houston Marathon Week 15

Friday, October 9, 2015

Here we go, the countdown continues!
This week my training went well, except that I did not complete my last cross training session. Our family has an intense schedule starting Sunday and ending on Wednesday (really Thursday). This week it was extra intensive. I decided to rest Thursday morning (smart) instead of getting my cross training session in. I believe that was the best thing I could have done. Sometimes getting extra rest is the best thing we can do for ourselves and others. That extra day or rest has allowed me to finish the week on the positive side, thank God. 

Marathons are made of hard work and training but they are birthed in our dreams. I always dreamed of running a marathon and I was blessed to run my first one at Houston in 2014. The moment that dream came true was amazing. I'm still dreaming of running Houston again and improving as a marathon runner. Improvement comes slowly but it does come. I am learning to be patient with myself. I often have to remember all that I have juggling right now. I am not a professional athlete so I get to be a wife and mother first. I have been blessed to fit marathon training in with everything else and it has greatly improved the way I am living my life right now. 

In 100 days I hope to arrive at the start line with peace of mind. My peace of mind will mostly come from God and from knowing I completed my training. I also want to get there with a solid race strategy. I want to rest well so that in 100 days I am not exhausted but truly run my victory lap. I realize that some lessons are learned over the course of years. I am hoping to apply these lessons in 100 days. I always want to be an encourager to other runners. I trust God that He will send someone my way I can encourage to keep running. 

My wedding anniversary is also in 100 days, which is so cool. My husband and I are planning on running the race and celebrating together. It will be a joy to fully share my Houston experience with my husband. It will be his second half-marathon but his first Aramco Houston Half Marathon. By the way, if you want to join us, there are still entries available through Run for a Reason

I pray you have a great weekend. Our running group is rocking a 13-miler tomorrow and we are steady increasing the mileage in the next couple of weeks. I can't tell you how thankful I am for Fort Bend Fit. Training with a group of supporting runners is excellent. Keep me in your prayers as I press on to run successfully in 100 days friends!