Sunday Seven

Sunday, October 11, 2015

1 • Listening - Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors. I love the songwriting in his new album but this is by far my favorite song.

2 • Eating - We've been eating lots of kale. We eat a lot of rice and beans daily as well as oats. We try to eat a lot of fruit too. It makes us feel better.
3 • Drinking - Water. I'm amazed at how much good drinking lots of water does. It feels like a job most days but it's worth the effort. 
4 • Wearing - teacher clothes. I'm trying to make sure it's comfy because I move a lot during the day. I can't wait to rehire my yoga pants next summer. 
5 • Feeling - hopeful. God is good and He allows us to dream for a reason. 
6 • Thinking - there are 81 days till January 1. I can still make progress towards my goals. 
7 • Enjoying - my family. We're all excited about the Fall and all the fun it brings.