My Bad Attitude, Pink Eye and How Change Happened.

Friday, November 13, 2015

This week I learned that I am the master of my attitude. I also learned how to deal with a challenging circumstance with a great attitude about it. My husband has pink eye so I had to care for him and the kids. I dislike seeing him sick so we have been praying for his recovery and so that he can get back to normal. 

My memories of pink eye are kinda vague. My entire family got it in the 80s and my mother was the last one to have it in BOTH eyes. She took such great care of us that I don't remember suffering that much. Sweet childhood. My husband is on quarantine and I have been going out a lot with the kids. They are having fun and so am I. We pray, care for one another and have an attitude of expectation on the goodness of God. 

The past few weeks I've been privately nursing an awful attitude about some areas in my life. I won't bore you with details but I will tell you that I don't even like myself when I have a bad attitude. I will be transparent and tell you that I read my Bible every day while nursing a bad attitude. I will be transparent and tell you that I prayed to God for help and He did help me. 

It took a few days but my bad attitude is now gone. It wasn't magical tough. No one slapped me out of it (thankfully) and I didn't "fall out" during prayer in order to have that attitude change. 

I simply kept walking by faith (with my bad attitude and all) and I kept reaching out for Divine help. When the issue is between God and I, I learned that I need to keep in touch with Him. Bad attitude and all, I kept reading the Bible until it spoke to me. The worse thing you can do when you have a bad attitude is not to read your Bible. The positivity of faith needs to be infused in us daily, bad attitude and all. 

People noticed a difference in me. I usually have a good attitude so when my bad attitude caught up with me, people were confused. I didn't want to spill my guts and I didn't want to lie. I also didn't want to continue with my bad attitude. I honestly prayed as I walked into places that God would help me through different tasks. Having a bad attitude is a lot of work. 

I wish I could tell you that is the last time I will ever have a bad attitude. Today I am thankful for the lesson learned through my challenging circumstance. When things are out of control, God is in control, so I might as well get in touch with Him. I learned that I can't afford to entertain a thought about myself that God doesn't have about me. 

Friend, I know it's Thanksgiving season and we are all supposed to walk around happy like a scene from The Sound of Music (a good, happy, singing scene of course). Life happens and our attitudes can go from good to bad in a second. Please know that some of us understand. Know that some of us know exactly how you feel. Know that some of us are willing to pray for you as you get in touch with God and stay in touch with Him. Do read your Bible until God's Word speaks to your circumstance and changes your life. 

It's gonna be alright. It really is because God is for you.