Chevron Houston Marathon Weeks 20 and 21

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hello everyone! I skipped blogging last week because my husband was sick but thank God he's healthy and we're back to normal. Here are my marathon training updates.
We have 58 days in our pocket or roughly 8 weeks till Marathon Sunday, my training has been good. Last week I ran my long run with the running group. My husband was not getting better so at the end of the run I was calling the doctor to get an appointment for him. Zeke is so sweet, he told me to finish my run but when I got home he needed to see the doctor again. I finished the run and got going with our week. I was able to go on with my training. It's tough on the heart to train when I know my husband is not feeling well. Thank God he's better. 
This week I had to plug my long run this morning because this Sunday I am running at local 10K. The run went well and I was happy with my results. I am learning that there is no magic to marathon training but there's a lot of determination and effort. I was supposed to meet with a friend to run but I got delayed so she went on with her group. I decided to start from a different location and you won't believe how many times I wanted to give up. But I pressed on and started on my 16-miler. I stayed closer to home where the streets, people and water stops were familiar. Thank God I had a great run and as you can tell, I took several photos of this beautiful morning. When I started, I was running under the Texas stars. I saw the sun rise and I was able to enjoy sunshine at the end of the run. I can't help but marvel at God's amazing creativity every time I am outdoors. 
My husband has been training for the Aramco Houston Half Marathon and he is also fundraising for the race. We are really close to our goal and we can still use your help. Please help us reach our goal by donating to Bel Inizio here. We appreciate your prayers if you can't donate at this time.

These past two weeks I held on to hope. Hope that this season's training will work. Hope that putting my family first doesn't hurt but help my entire life. Hope that with God all things (healing, health, marathon running) are possible.

I appreciate your prayers as we keep pursuing our passion for marathon running. #HouMarathon: here we come!

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