Sunday Seven

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hello November! We are two months away from the end of 2015, can you believe it? November is a great month in my opinion, here are 7 reasons why:

1. Zeke's Birthday - there is nothing I rather do than to celebrate the love of my life. We have been celebrating his birthday for 12 years and I can't wait to do it again later on this month.
2. Thanksgiving - I love the spirit of this holiday. Thankfulness is due to the Lord and I am so glad to live in a country that will stop and thank God for all His goodness. The fact that there is a holiday during this month is also great.
3. Remembrance - I use November as a month to remember all that has happened during the year. I remember the good, the not so good and I thank God for all He has done for us. The blessings He provided, the deliverance, healing and love. I have more reasons to be thankful just remembering all we lived through this year.
4. Planning - I enjoy planning for the future in November. December is often a month packed full of events, so this is the perfect month to write down my goals for 2016. By planning now I stay ahead and January doesn't catch me by surprise. I enjoying casting a vision for the year before I actually arrive in it. It can be as simple or as complex and you'd like it to be.
5. Health Investment - I've learned 11 years ago that November is a great month to invest in my health. When I do that, I gain better control of my food intake, I exercise as a habit and I avoid gaining holiday weight. I learn self-control every November. Yes, there are delectable foods available all around. It's also true that we don't live in scarcity so it's silly to think this is the last time I'll ever have this or that. Yes, I have one body and one life. Caring for my health and learning self-control bears better fruit than overeating carelessly.
6. Family - I love to spend time with my immediate family so this month we get more time together because of the holiday. We spend quite a bit of time just "being family." We do a lot of teaching and we all learn a lot. We make sure we teach the kids about God and we make some amazing memories every November.
7. Sales - the end of the year sales are sweet in November. The trick for me is to be sure that it's a true sale and not a fake sale. When I was in college I used to watch items before the holidays then go back and check on the price during the holidays. I noticed that some items that had a "sale" sticker maintained the same price. You can't food this old school shopper here. If you say sale it needs to be a true sale.

What are your favorite things about November my friend?