Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I was a freshman in college and I started my first job as a cafeteria worker. I chose the early morning shift because I noticed not many people wanted to get up early and the thought of being done with work before my 8 a.m. Class was very appealing. I kept a good schedule and I always arrived in time. I did my job, then I went to class 5 days a week. After a year, an older gentleman who was part of our community complimented me on my work ethic and character. I was surprised because I wasn't aware I was being watched. I was glad I was "caught" doing something good and productive. 

17 years have gone by and I am still being watched. Recently I was going about my business and it was brought to my attention that I was being observed to see if I was doing something wrong. I was never afraid because of my choice to live a transparent life before God and others. I obviously wasn't "caught" doing something wrong. 

Daniel was observed in his time. His accusers couldn't find him cheating on his employer or mistreating his fellow men. The only thing they "caught" Daniel doing was praying to His God three times a day. They had to manipulate the system to get Daniel in trouble but as you know, God shut the lion's mouth and delivered Daniel. 

I know God to be able to deliver you and me too. Friend, get used to the fact that people are watching you. We watch each other and we learn important information about character traits and patterns. Some observe out of curiosity, others are trying to see if you are going to be "caught" doing something wrong. 

My encouragement is that you and I live transparent lives before God and our fellow human beings. May we thrive in being helpful, kind and filled with hope (to the point it spills out!). You and I are being watched today, no doubt. Let them see the light of Christ shinning through every little thing you do.